Why Adopt from SAMS?

Bringing a new cat or dog into your family is a big decision — so we’re honored you’re interested in adopting from SAMS. We realize there are many places you could go to adopt, or purchase, a new pet.  So here’s a few reasons why we hope you’ll choose a companion from us:

Adopt one. Save two.

As a no-kill shelter, we are depending on more animals getting adopted each day than those who arrive.  Yes, we are no-kill. However, that doesn’t mean the animals in our care don’t need you.  Every time you adopt an animal from SAMS, not only do you give someone a second chance, but you create an opening in a cage or kennel for another animal who may be at risk for euthanasia to get theirs.  You see, SAMS rescues hundreds of at risk animals in other Illinois shelters every year…but only if there is space.

Our animals are fully vetted.

All pets are spayed/neutered prior to the official adoption date.
 All animals will have received – at a minimum – their first round of vaccinations, a complete deworming, and Heartworm/flea/tick preventative.
 All dogs meeting the age requirement are Heartworm tested.
 All cats meeting the age requirement are Feline Leukemia/FIV tested.
 Each pet is microchipped and registered to the adopter for free.

Our animals have been temperament tested.

 Our dogs are temperament tested so we can place them in the best possible homes.
 We will “cat test” a dog you’re interested in adopting at no additional fee.

We will be there for you, and them, post-adoption.

If you have exhausted all options in keeping the life-long commitment to your adopted pet, and simply cannot keep them, we will always take them back–for the life of the pet.  In fact, we require it.  It is not safe to rehome pets on social media or to give them away.  So, we will always be here for them, and you.






Thank you for considering the adoption of a shelter pet!  Before you decide to adopt, please consider the time, effort, and funds necessary for food, supplies, vaccinations, and veterinary care to properly care for a pet.  For this application to be considered, you must: (1)  be at least 21 years of age (2) have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in the household (3) possess a valid photo I.D. and proof of residence (4) have a steady source of income (5) understand that your application must be verified and approved by SAMS for adoption to take place.  This is not an adoption contract.