​Why Foster?

Our Foster Program also provides an opportunity to introduce a pet in need of fostership into your home without making a lifelong commitment.  If you’re unsure about adoption, this is a great way to dip your toes into the water.


Simply fill out an application and note your areas of interest.  Some fosters require more time, and experience, than others.  We will review your application and let you know when we have a match.  Feel free to contact us any time at samsrescue@hotmail.com for more information or questions on an animal we have posted in need of foster care.


We need foster homes for nursing mothers, animals under eight weeks of age, and those recovering from injury and illness.  And, we always need foster homes who can give those emotionally declining a respite from shelter life.

Some of our more urgent foster needs include:

  • Felines suffering from upper respiratory infections
  • Motherless kittens who need to be bottle fed to survive
  • Pregnant animals
  • Cats and dogs with serious injuries
  • Heartworm positive dogs
  • Seniors who are depressed and stop eating in a shelter environment
  • Long-time shelter residents who are beginning to decline physically or mentally
  • Opening up space during high-capacity times
  • Dogs in need of rehabilitation for behavior challenges (seasoned fosters only.)

Fido's Foster Friends

Feline Friendly Fosters